4 Podcasts For Story Nerds

Hey friends! I'm back! And with a list of podcasts you should totally check out. #1 Read Aloud Revival Some of you know this, but I have a few siblings who are 12, 14, and 16 years younger than I am. I'm teaching one of them to read and I read aloud to all of… Continue reading 4 Podcasts For Story Nerds

Favorite Books of 2020 | pt. 2

Good morning! It's time to finish up this little recap of my favorite books of 2020. Picking up where we left off, #4 is Adorning the Dark by Andrew Peterson. I adored this book. And what made it even better was listening to Andrew Peterson read the audiobook. Where do I even start? There was… Continue reading Favorite Books of 2020 | pt. 2