7 cozy book recommendations from this year (so far)

Friends, I'm back. Yikes, I feel like I say it every time. I'm sorry for dropping off the face of the earth so often, but as long as I keep coming back, I count that as a win. It's all thanks to you guys, who don't stop commenting even though I haven't posted in months.… Continue reading 7 cozy book recommendations from this year (so far)

A Meditation on Psalm 60

When God fightsIt's not in vain.But sometimes it feels like,Lord,You've cast me off. I send myself out to battleRoaring lionsBut a crack opens upBefore my feetAnd IFear You aren't there with me. And I wanderOff the path.I can't see whereTo plunge my sword. Who will lead me,Lead me to Edom's gates?Heal these breaches in my… Continue reading A Meditation on Psalm 60