A Meditation on Psalm 60

When God fights
It’s not in vain.
But sometimes it feels like,
You’ve cast me off.

I send myself out to battle
Roaring lions
But a crack opens up
Before my feet
And I
Fear You aren’t there with me.

And I wander
Off the path.
I can’t see where
To plunge my sword.

Who will lead me,
Lead me to Edom’s gates?
Heal these breaches in my heart,
Lord, and
Tell me to be still.

God has to break you
Before He can
Build you into something
And no one can say it isn’t hard
Or they’d have to lie.

I drank wine
Full of confusion
And I ran
Building walls as I went
Between You and me.

But You broke me down.
You broke the walls
I made
Built One of Your own.

I went out to battle
On my own
And You let me
See hard things.

But you broke me
And go with me
To the castle of the enemy.
And my blade is true
And You
Win the battles
Every time.


I wrote this meditation in an hour or so on a hot Wednesday evening. My read-the-Bible-in-a-year plan had me on Psalm 60 that night and it was exactly what I needed. Go read Psalm 60 because you might need it too and King David used Spirit-inspired words. Far better words than I could ever muster.

Cheers, friends!

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