The Writer

How to have a happy life: glorify God and go to bookstores.

Hi! I’m Eliza: the opinionated writer of this blog (judging from the above statement), lover of all things good and beautiful, hater of spoilers. Oh yes. Do not dare to cross me with spoilers. You will regret it.

I read. I write. In fact, I’ve shaped my current existence around such things. I’m an Etsy seller, dealing in vintage children’s books. And even though I swore to myself that I would be an entrepreneur for life, I finally broke down and got a job as a part-time content writer. Because, money. Basically, all my work is published under pseudonyms, which is both thrilling and disappointing. BUT! I got published on Story Embers once, so go check that out.

In my personal life, I write stories and poetry when I can. And I read. A lot. (For those of you who like stats, in 2020 I consumed almost 100 books and audiobooks.) I took a quiz one time that said based on my reading habits, I’m 37 years old. I’m trying to decide if that’s an insult…?

Whatever quizzes might say, I’m actually a twenty-something homeschool graduate. I have a sister and seven brothers.

But seriously. I firmly believe that the only way to have a happy life is to glorify God and enjoy Him! Forever.

But bookstores are good too.